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This has been my birthday week so it's been a busy one thanks to the amazing family and friends I have around me. It's not been an easy couple of weeks either but my wife in particular has been my rock throughout it all. I am so grateful for everything she does for me, especially the birthday present...

In the last few weeks, I have been approached by a number of journalists asking for my input into articles about men's mental health. Obviously it's a great honour that my name is recognised in these conversations but it is far more important to see that so many people are writing about the subject and spreading key messages about the importance for men to talk about their mental health. I am always happy to add my voice to the crowd.

My latest mental health talk was this morning at Llanrumney Phoenix Amateur Boxing Club for a special 'Boxing for Better Mental Health' event, in partnership with the Welsh Amateur boxing Association and Sport Cardiff. Met some wonderful, passionate people who are keen to see mental health become a higher priority for young people. Boxing is a great example of a positive physical activity that can support someone going through mental health problems so it was fantastic that it is something which is high profile in this area. It was also the first time one of my talks has been streamed on Facebook Live!

I had another big night earlier this month as well, when I was lucky enough to attend my graduation for my Diploma in Leadership and Management from the Chartered Management Institute. This is the highest academic achievement of my life and I was delighted that this time, my parents were able to accompany my wife to the ceremony. The old 'cap and gown' look might not be an every day attire choice but I think I made it work! It was good to catch up with some of my old work colleagues too, a chance to reconnect with some old friends and celebrate a lot of hard work that we all put in together.

Speaking of work, lots going on in the day job today with some new challenges on the horizon (more of that to come soon). I have been working a lot with my peers and colleagues on governance and reporting processes, trying to develop new best practice standards for the organisation that meet the needs of our management team and stakeholders. Never an easy job but having some passionate people around you who are willing to learn and try new things just makes the process more enjoyable.

So lots going on at Case Cambule since the last edition of The Lens. Christmas is just around the corner too so it feels like a good time to revisit the whole "personal blog" idea and think of the way forward for the future of The Lens. Any suggestions, comments or ideas would be most welcome but in the meantime, good luck everyone with your Christmas shopping...

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