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Well it's September already! Isn't this year flying past? Hope you have all had a fantastic summer whether you have been a kid on a break from school or an adult on holiday somewhere fun and exotic. Of course, not everyone is lucky enough to have a nice break and for many people, the summer can be a difficult time for various reasons.

At Casa Cambule, we have had a challenging month after Mrs C was referred to hospital for an emergency operation which has left her off work and off her feet for weeks. The good news is that she has been recovering well and I am so grateful that the situation was not worse than it could have been. The stress and disruption has been worthwhile just to know that my wife is going to be okay.

Having recently started a new job working in a hospital, this experience has been eye opening for me. I spend my work days walking down hospital corridors passing doctors and nurses rushing past in a blur but when you are waiting for their services for someone you love, it means more. You see these brilliant, talented people in action, dealing with incredible pressures and the strains of keeping the NHS alive, and it can be inspiring. All I want to do is help people and it can be truly awe-inspiring to see the real heroes in action.

Yes, it can be frustrating because you want solutions immediately. We would all like quick and effective services at our immediate call, we would all like personal care day and night supported by endless reassurances and empathy. Person Centred Care is an important consideration for the health service but it is impossible to have everyone receive the same level of service. That does not mean that the staff in our hospitals, doctors, health centres and clinics are not doing their best or trying their hardest under often extreme pressures.

This is the year that the NHS turns 70 and there has been good recognition of the impact it has had on our society. After the last month, I would add my voice to the many who have benefited from the compassion, dedication and tireless effort that the men and women of the NHS put into our treatment and care. From receptionists to porters to surgeons, they all deserve our respect for the great work they do every day.

To help with Mrs C's recovery, we have taken on an added distraction/responsibility...a pair of kittens from our local rescue centre. I was given the honour of naming these little treasures and I don't think anyone regrets the arrival of Merry and Pippin (I wanted a literature themed pair of names after the names Ant and Dec were vetoed). I don't know, a pair of hobbits are not the worse names (the big question is, will I become one of those writers who talks more their cats than their novels)...

We are enjoying the responsibility of caring for our new pets and it feels good after all of the care we have received through my wife's recovery. There is a lot of love we have to share and hopefully these cute little fur-babies will bring much joy and light to everyone at Casa Cambule!

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