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Lee's Lens

The final edition of Lee’s Lens for 2018! And what a year we have had here at Casa Cambule. I achieved my highest ever qualification, worked in three different organisations, had mental health blogs and articles published across the country, made our cats an internet sensation, made new friends, moved house, wrote loads (but not published anything)…there have been a few lows to offset the highs but overall, I move into 2019 full of hope.

Hope for my new professional challenge as a Programme Manager back in the civil service, back on familiar territory. I have learnt so much in my time in the third sector and in the NHS which I will build into my professional development moving forwards. There are plenty of opportunities ahead for me so I hope to add real value to my new organisation while continuing to enhance my capabilities and share knowledge with others.

Hope for the future of mental health in this country. Not only have recent reviews of mental health legislation shown promise for the future, I have been so inspired in the past 12 months by many of the champions and advocates I have worked with through volunteering. There is a great challenge ahead for putting an end to stigma and discrimination around mental health but while there are some wonderful ambassadors in the public eye, we all need to do our part. I will continue to do as much as I can to make this change happen and do what I can to help people with poor mental wellbeing.

Hope for my ambitions as a writer and my plans for publishing my next novel. I have been promising the final instalment of ‘abducted’ for many years and ten years on from the publication of the first instalment, now is the time to close that chapter (pun intended) on my writing journey. There are other ideas and other genres I am playing around with, so it will be fantastic to bring you the conclusion of the epic adventure for Gareth, Simon, Bryony and the other abductees. Nearly there now…

Hope for happiness at home. Mrs C and I have some amazing plans for 2019 as this is our #Yearof40 so we are undertaking 40 challenges by the time we both officially hit 40 years old. My wife has been a rock for me personally and I am so grateful for everything she does for me. Life at home is amazing and we have had challenges along the way but we are so strong together that our only limitations for the future are our own ambitions and imaginations. Watch this space!

So, what should I now do about The Lens?

I have enjoyed sharing my experiences and providing you with more of a deep dive into my life, hopefully some of the messages along this journey have resonated with some of you as well as the blogs (I have had some fantastic feedback and comments as the website has been viewed all over the world). I love blogging and maybe I can find new and innovative ways to get a greater reach online but I always welcome suggestions from “the peeps” so please get in touch with any thoughts or ideas you might like to see in future blogs.

I hope you all have had a fantastic Christmas time whatever you were doing and whoever you spent it with. Thank you for all of your amazing support and love, I look forward to what the next 12 months will bring. In the meantime, to every one of you…onwards and upwards!

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