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The Awakening

Imagine waking up tomorrow to discover that the world you knew is no longer beneath you.


Gareth Oakley fell asleep in a familiar bed in a familiar house on a familiar world. But he awoke trapped inside a strange, domed chamber far from the life he knew. It was not a good life but it was his and now, he wants it back. But the mild-mannered primary school teacher is not alone.


Twenty-five strangers awaken to the same discovery, all with different lives and troubles and secrets. They are alone, they are defenceless and they have no ideas about who would abduct them and why. If they want to survive this new world and find their way home, their only chance is to survive together.

‘The Awakening’ is the first instalment in the exciting mystery series ‘abducted’, the debut novel from writer Lee Cambule.

ISBN 978-1-4389-1987-4
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