ISBN 978-1-907986-98-7


A Paul Bailey Thriller

Paul Bailey is young, athletic, has a great job and is in love with a beautiful girl called Donna. But their relationship must remain a secret; she is the daughter of the Prime Minister and her official bodyguard.

On a luxurious holiday in Sardinia, Holly is kidnapped by a disgruntled former SAS operative who is disloyal on both fronts. He is not only working for money from the unpopular leader of the opposition, he is scheming on behalf of a terrorist cell with dark plans to bring down the British government.

Paul is given three simple instructions; keep this kidnapping concealed, return in secret to Britain and convince Holly’s father to step down on the eve of the General Election. Paul is forced to risk treason and death to save the woman he loves. He returns to the UK to meet his old mentor and hatch a plan to bring down his lover’s kidnappers to justice before it is too late.

‘Duty’ is the entertaining crime thriller from writer Lee Cambule, author of the 'abducted' series.