Demons Inside

Josh Williams lives in Dafydd’s Well, an old mining community in the depths of the South Wales valleys, where he leads a miserable life.  At just fifteen, mild-mannered Josh is suffering from severe depression, fighting a constant battle with his personal demons.  It is a battle he is losing, an imminent defeat that could take his life.

Everything changes with the return of the infamous Greg Branston – a 45 year old prodigal son who returns to the village of his birth from Hollywood, where he lived a fast-paced, dangerous lifestyle as a once successful child actor.  He was the star of Josh’s favourite TV programme (a cult 70’s show that made Greg an acting prodigy and started him down a road of personal abuse and self-destruction) and has unknowingly become Josh’s hero.

Greg and Josh are thrown together when the fallen star stops the teenager’s failed suicide attempt. They become unlikely friends as Greg helps Josh fight his depression, while Josh helps Greg to reluctantly face the ghosts of his past.

Sometimes the demons inside us can only be defeated with the support of those around us.
ISBN 978-1-84923-394-1