ISBN 978-1-4461-5649-0


The Betrayal

Twenty-five strangers were taken from their homes, places of work and their beds throughout different periods of history. They awoke inside strange domed chambers within a strange facility deep in a strange, overgrown jungle. Two suns in the sky suggest they were abducted by aliens and left to die on a distant world.


Led by a primary school teacher battling personal demons, the group escape their prisons to discover they are the only survivors amongst dozens of corpses. Alone in an abandoned facility losing power with no signs of their abductors, they have no clues about the motivation for their abduction. If they hope to survive, they must work together to unravel the mysteries of their surroundings.


Half the group, commanded by an inexperienced Sergeant in the USA Marine Corps, leave to explore the wilderness. They follow a path deep into the jungle until reaching an impassable river. Crossing it almost proves fatal and the marine’s mistakes escalate into rebellion climaxing when one of the group is accidentally shot. After an uneasy night on the bank of the river, the troubled marine wakes up to discover half of the group have disappeared.


The remaining abductees attempt to survive in the facility they label “Carbonek” as power begins to fail. A few begin to challenge the leadership of the brave teacher who saved them. Whilst a small team discover they are living at the base of a volcano, the teacher finds the source of the power failures that is on the brink of a chain reaction which almost results in the volcano erupting. He manages to stop the overload but moments later his team fall from a bridge that crumbles beneath their feet, plunging them towards a watery death. All this happens with the remainders oblivious to an alien lurking in their midst.

‘The Betrayal’ is the second exciting instalment in the mystery thriller series ‘abducted’  from writer Lee Cambule.