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Starting promoting...again

This is the first blog on my new website and it has been a while since I last really pushed any promotional work. Now I find myself with a number of different yet equally important interests to promote so it feels like this is as good a time as any to start promoting again.

When it comes to my creative writing, next year will be the ten year anniversary since my first self-published novel, 'The Awakening'. It may not have set the literary world alight but I am immensely proud of not only getting to that point but of the incredible, positive feedback I have had from so many readers in that time. I have published more, I have written more but I have never had so much fun as the first month of my promotional campaign for 'The Awakening'. It would be good to capture some of that magic again.

When it comes to Project Delivery, I have just passed a key milestone in my career after 15 years in project and programme management. Reflecting on my career has given me a new perspective. No 15 year career is perfect, without mistakes or a wide arrange of lessons learned. It is important that every lesson is shared in order to help others and I think that some of my lessons are worth sharing.

When it comes to mental health awareness, this is a relatively new passion of mine. I have come to terms with my history of dealing with mental health issues and I recently started working as a Mental Health Champion in my organisation, helping to raise awareness and drive positive actions to tackle stigma and discrimination. Just as with my project experiences, I have lessons worth sharing and it is really my hope that I can reach out and help others with my words.

So if you are reading this and you think I can help you with any of these subjects, please get in touch and let me know what you think, what you need and what I can do to support and help you.

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