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New Challenges

Hi peeps! Last week I had the chance of delivering another mental health talk for Men's Mental Health and it has really ignited my passion for talking about this really important subject, one which is close to my heart. I had some fantastic feedback from the people in attendance including fellow speakers and the host organisation.

This has ignited my passion and I want to do more if I can. At present, it tends to be little bits due to family and work commitments but I would love the opportunity to make an even bigger impact. I am writing another blog, I just discovered another one of my quotes used on an international online magazine site, I am trying to raise my social media profile slowly but surely. In all this, I am making some great contacts and hopefully leading to more opportunities in the future.

So this is an open call to anybody out there who needs help and support in raising awareness in mental health. I am passionate about helping people and organisations to make a real difference so if you're interested, please reach out.

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