About Lee

The Man


I was born in Swansea, South Wales into a honest, hard-working family. I was fortunate enough to be raised on a healthy diet of strong principles and good morals. I currently live with my wife and I spend my days dividing my time among my various passions and commitments.

The Author

I caught the writing bug when I was still in primary school and my teacher introduced me to 'The Hobbit' and the world of J.R.R. Tolkien. With my imagination alight, I submitted my first written work to an internationally renowned publisher at the tender age of ten (needless to say, it didn't meet the high standards of the publishing world). After I completed a creative writing course through my local college in my early twenties, I self-published my first novel in 2008. I enjoy experimenting with all genres and styles so you can expect a wide range of literary experiences from my work, hopefully something for everyone.

The Professional

I fell into the Project Delivery Profession in 2001 and after 18 years delivering programmes and projects, managing change and transformation, I have taken a lot of experience out of this career. Specialising in planning, stakeholder management, business case development and portfolio management, I have a wide range of professional qualifications, managing multiple teams and implementing complex changes to meet customer and stakeholder needs.

The Campaigner

In my youth, I suffered from mental health issues. I survived these challenges and rose above the stigma. I now actively campaign to raise awareness of mental health and to support local communities and organisations in tackling discrimination and stigma. This has led to many fantastic opportunities from giving evidence to parliament on men's mental health services to giving many public talks about my own journey with mental health. As well as being a very personal mission, I hope that my experiences will benefit others.

The Blogger

With such a unique blend of skills, experiences, passions and interests, I decided to take up blogging as a way of sharing my views, insights and perspectives. I never claim to be always right, in fact I am always happy to be challenged and I welcome the inputs of others into any of the subjects which I blog about. So please enjoy my website, read my blogs and give me your opinions.


Lee at one of his 'abducted' book signings


A range of Lee's publicity materials for one of his book signings


Lee at the launch of 'The Awakening' at the Dylan Thomas Theatre, Swansea


Lee at the launch of 'The Awakening' at the Dylan Thomas Theatre, Swansea


Lee at the launch of 'The Awakening' at the Dylan Thomas Theatre, Swansea


Lee speaking at the Dylan Thomas Theatre, Swansea for his official book launch


Lee signing books at the launch of 'The Awakening' at the Dylan Thomas Theatre, Swansea


Welsh author Lee Cambule


Welsh author Lee Cambule

LCOfficial 3

Lee being interviewed


Lee in action during a Hackathon